Widely seen as one of the most promising young stand-up comedians working, Mr. Fowler is an excitable stage presence with a gift for descriptive, hilarious storytelling.
— New York Times
Thirty seconds into a conversation with Jermaine Fowler and it’s easy to see why he’s on the verge of becoming a breakout star. Fowler has an affable yet frenetic energy that he channels into a career-driven focus.
— Splitsider
He spins tales that feel both expertly structured and completely uncontrolled, swapping out emotions and characters with terrifying ease: one second he’s a kindly old woman, the next he’s a furious bus driver, screaming at his passengers to give up their seat. His manic exuberance could easily fill an arena, but for Give ‘Em Hell, Kid—which he completely self-financed—he insisted on a more intimate space.
— Paste
Fuck him.
— All his ex-girlfriends

May 12-15th - Sunnyvale, CA

June 24th - Washington D.C. 

July 14-17th - Pemberton, BC, Canada 

July 25-28th - Montreal, QC, Canada

August 5-7th - San Francisco, CA

August 25th - St. Louis University - St. Louis, MO 

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